Any company can capture a greater audience if it does its business online in addition to traditional ways of handling business. A website created professionally serves as a unique source of information about your company. It gives you a number of advantages for a successful development of your business, including search and attraction of new visitors and customers, image forming and company advertising, information support of partners and clients. However, it is not enough just to have a website with a unique design and accessible information, it’s also vital to make your website available and clear for all visitors.

In this case, translation of a website is one of the most effective methods to secure the niche in the international markets. According to statistics more than 50% of the Internet users either live outside the English-speaking countries or do not speak English at all. The scientific research in the sphere of information technologies also reveals that there is a greater chance to make a purchase if the site addresses potential clients in their mother tongue. Website translation gives the opportunity to attract not only English-speaking customers, but also all those who speak other languages.

Translation of the website is a complex and arduous operation which requires skills, experience and professional knowledge in many areas. This process includes two main tasks – a professional and grammatically correct translation of the website content, and an adaptation of the website navigation, graphics, optimization and other components.
Website language translation opens the door to a globally rich world of new opportunities which is vital for a worldwide business development. Let us help you make your site international today!