Why Should You Hire A Translation Company in Walnut Creek, CA?

If you have ever used an automated online translator, you know how comically inadequate they are for most applications. No businessman in his right mind would use an automated service to handle translation work for professional purposes. But, what about the bevy of alternative options out there? Just as the internet has cut out the middleman where taxi services and BnB accommodations are concerned (with Uber and AirBnB, respectively), there are a number of independent freelancers and laymen out there who will do translation work at rock bottom prices.

Why, then, should you hire a professional translation company in Walnut Creek?

The short answer, of course, is that deals which look “too good to be true” usually are. To go into more detail, however, professional translation companies confer all of the following advantages:

Translation Company East Bay: The Top 4 Benefits Of Using An Agency

  1. Quality control. Every professional translation agency Walnut Creek businesses rely on has some kind of quality control system in place. Why is this important? Because being able to speak a language natively does not guarantee that a person can speak (or write) it well. Think, for example, of the quality of English demonstrated by the “average Joe” on Facebook vs. the English used by prize-winning novelists. When you hire an “average Joe” translator, there’s no guarantee that he’s capable of writing eloquently in any of his native languages… And this could have a disastrous impact on your brand image. Professional translation companies, on the other hand, carefully screen their translators for quality workmanship.
  1. Localized knowledge. Think of how much English vernacular—slang, popular expressions, etc.—can vary depending on time and place. The vernacular used in England, for example, differs widely from that used in the United States. Even within England, a Yorkshire dialect is substantially different from the English spoken in Cornwall. Likewise, the slang we used ten years ago is laughably out of date today.

This rule remains true across a wide array of different languages. As such, hiring an individual who speaks a given language but who may not have visited their home country in a decade (or who comes from a different region than the niche market you’re targeting) could lead to grave oversights. When you hire a professional translation company, on the other hand, you’ll be hiring a team of specialists who take these differences into account. You’ll get the precise results you need to succeed.

  1. Streamlined organization. When you hire a translation company Walnut Creek translation professionals work together in harmony to ensure that projects which require translation into several different languages get completed on time. When you hire three or four different freelancers to do the same job, however, you have to do all the organizational work yourself. What happens when two of the freelancers miss deadlines? Or when the quality of one’s work is very high and another’s is very low? Not to mention, you may also have to deal with working with freelancers in several different time zones, using several different currencies, with several different sets of contract terms—all hassles you’ll be spared if you go with an agency.
  1. The ability to handle more complex tasks. Translation firms understand how to work with non-standard file formats and how to quickly extract text from difficult locations, such as apps. They also have the resources to tackle very large projects that would overwhelm individual translators.

Professional translators are typically adept at using high-tech translation tools, e.g., machine-assisted translation (MT) and translation memory. Better still, they know how not to over-use them and how to mitigate their inherent pitfalls. They strike the ideal balance between computerized efficiency and human care and attention to style and detail.

Remember, the golden rule when hiring any kind of service is that you get what you pay for: While a freelancer may appear inexpensive at first glance, the number of hassles they often represent can add up quickly. For a professional result, hire a professional translation firm, hire us — You won’t be disappointed.