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Usually rush services are requested for legal documents by law firms since their strict deadlines are very important. Sometimes, individuals request fast translations due to lack of time or any other reasons.

We can easily manage to translate documents within 24 hours thank to our more than 4,000 professional translators. Oftentimes, we are asked if all 4,000 translators are full-time employees for our company. The answer to this question is – of course not all of them work full-time, because there are languages that are not very popular and the translators for those languages are on call based on project’s needs. Nevertheless, each translator goes through a meticulous selection process and only the best translators are assigned.

Thank to our translators, project coordinators, project managers, and editors, we manage to plan and execute the translation projects with utmost precision within very short time frame.

In the same time, American Translators Association does not advise performing rush translations since each translator has to spend enough time on achieving a perfect quality. “Mnemosyne Translation Services” totally complies with ATA’s Code of Professional Conduct and in some instances (of big projects) we inform the clients in advance of impossibility to complete the project within 24 hours due to its volume, complexity, and technicality. Regardless of that, we evaluate each project very carefully before accepting any translation assignments and timing necessary to complete each translation is being given before acceptance of any projects.

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