Translation as we know it is a complex job. Nowadays many religious organizations and churches seek to deliver in various languages the word of God. Religion is spread worldwide but language is not, having a message to pass across to thousands or millions of individuals but lacking the knowledge or language method to do so creates barriers.

As a result of this limiting factor most churches and organisations have adopted a means to pass across or spread their religion by making them available in multiple languages. The bible as we know it today started in just one language, the Old Testament was first written in Hebrew while the New Testament was authored in Greek, but today both scriptures can be found in over a hundred languages both lingua francas and ethnic languages. The same goes for every other religion.

Translating from one language to another involves expert knowledge of both languages and the technical knowhow in order to avoid errors. Knowing how to speak two languages is definitely not the same as knowing how to translate them. Professional translators work hard at their skill to master every aspect of the languages they are specialized in.

Common problems faced during translations include:

  • Without knowledge of the original language inexperienced translators face a huge problem as it is not just the verbal fluency that matters in translation, the ability to read and write it are paramount.
  • Lack of proficiency or complexity of language poses major problems to translators who find it hard comprehending such languages.
  • Religious language translation accuracy could be harmed when inexperienced translators bring in their own beliefs or meaning during interpretation thereby creating diverse meaning of words. Focus should be on the client and his needs.
  • Translators should be conversant with all the characteristics of the languages both the primary and secondary languages he or she is working with such as semantics, idioms, proverbs and puns.
  • Firsthand knowledge of both languages is a great help as errors such as misused meaning of expressions can be avoided.


Whatever the text and whatever the language you want translated, we can help you. We are on hand 24 hours a day, so there’s always a friendly translator on hand to attend to your questions and help keep your project on track. We’re one of the world’s fastest growing translation agencies. We translate more than seventy million words a year between six hundred language combinations for clients in over 60 different countries around the globe.

We offer a broad range of technical publishing and translation services to different religious organizations. Original and translated texts from a diverse array of religions, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Taoism and Buddhism can be translated to and from English, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese and over a hundred other languages.

Over the years we have built small teams of expert translators in the world’s main religions who are able to sensitively and creatively deal with all manner of religious texts and formats from books to leaflets to digitals. Our professional team of religious translators have been carefully selected and tested to ensure that only the qualified and most suitable translators, reviewers and editors, with appropriate religious knowledge and understanding are elected to handle your project.

Our teams are backed by dedicated Project Management teams who ensure that protocols are followed, deadlines adhered to, and final output matching our clients’ expectations are attained.

In order to serve you better, we use cutting edge proprietary software which makes it easy to integrate translation into your document management workflows seamlessly. If you’re in need for a reliable translation company using the latest technological advances then we are your best bet.

Translating religious languages can take the following format:

We offer religious language translations in the below-listed formats.

  • Books
  • Brochures
  • Pocket Books
  • Websites
  • Guides and training manuals
  • Instructions
  • Audio and Visual material
  • Conference brochures

We have the experience and track record to deliver the best religious translation projects on time whilst maintaining sensitive quality standards. Also, we understand the connection between highly accurate translations and the paramount importance of interpretation and meaning in sacred and religious texts.