Patent Translation Services

Patent translation services have become vital not only to inventors but also to multiple international companies. As the world shrinks and multinational business and trading become not just commonplace but necessary, it’s not surprising that patents – the licenses or permits that governments grant rights with for use for a set period especially for inventions excluding others from making, using or selling- have become a hot concern of businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world. The news has been full of patent fights around the globe especially in communications and computing technology like smartphones and tablets with big players like Apple, Samsung and Microsoft but Google and Yahoo have also been hit. Patents are extremely important to business and when dealing with international patents, translation is extremely critical.

Any translation service requires a great deal of facility with two languages. Translation is more than just substituting one word for another. It encompasses making concepts and patterns of speech intelligible from one language to another. Some language may not even contain words that another language relies on such as definite articles like “the” in English that are not used in Russian. A translator has to be a master of both languages in order to take what is said in one language and really make it understandable in another.

Translation is not an easy task in any case since it involves not just differences in language but also culture, and patent translation is even more complex. Patent translation requires a knowledge of both the source and target language, but it also requires some very specialized technical knowledge as well. Most patents can be difficult for a layman to understand even in their native language. Because they have to describe precisely often in scientific and technical terms exactly what the patent covers to the tiniest detail, whomever works with a patent has to have a strong understanding and experience of the technical field that the patent belongs to.

Patents also have particular forms and requirements in the way they are written. These requirements can vary from country to country. So a patent translator has to understand the technical field that the patent relates to, have an absolutely superior facility with both the source and target languages and an excellent understanding of the requirements of patent filings and applications, litigation and even research and development. It’s a tall order but protecting a company or individual’s intellectual property means covering all the bases to a highly professional standard.

Patent translation is a very complicated process. Besides mastering the source and target languages, the translator must be highly knowledgeable in that technical field which is closely related to the patent subject. A high accuracy is required during the translation of the patents. It would be great if you hired for your translation project a current or retired patent agent, because they know exactly how the language shall be structured. Another important factor in the patent translation is to hire a translator who is certified and native speaker of the target language. The translation itself shall be certified if it is meant to be used for official purposes. In the last ten years, a high demand of patent translation has been recorded for the following languages: Japanese, German, Korean, Chinese, English, and Russian. Nevertheless, we are open to discuss your project’s details regardless of language combination. Please email your patent for a free price estimate.

Intellectual property is the gold mine of the 21st century. With corporations, companies and individuals expanding quickly from their own home market into countries around the world, being able to file patent applications, defend themselves from infringement and conduct research and development that may be impacted by patents is extremely important to the bottom line and the future of growth and development. Stellar patent translation is key to expanding to and managing international markets whether the patent holder is a giant multinational who requires ongoing services in several languages or an entrepreneur who is negotiating a market entry. Patent translation impacts a business at its most fundamental level and affects the future today