Romanian translation servicesAre you looking for a translator from Moldavian (Moldovan) to English or English to Moldavian (Moldovan)? If the answer to this question is “yes”, then you are on the right page. Philologists don’t recognize Moldovan language, because in fact it should be called Romanian language. Even though we can speak about Moldavian dialect utilized in Moldavian region, it would be very unreasonably to declare Moldavian language as a separate language from Romanian. Moldavian language is just a political name offered to Romanian language which is declared through Rep. of Moldova’s Constitution as being the only recognized state language.

It is very important to differentiate the concepts of nationality and citizenship when we discuss the importance of Moldavian in translation process. About 65% of Rep. of Moldova’s citizens are Romanians by nationality being an integral part of Romanian community from around the globe. About 80% of Moldavian citizens speak Romanian language as their native language. Romanians from Romania oftentimes experience difficulties understanding Romanians’ linguistic expressions from Rep. of Moldova. This is explained by the fact that Romanian language, spoken in Rep. of Moldova and also called Moldavian, was affected by Russian influence in Eastern Europe and by having Russian language studied as mandatory language in Moldavian schools mainly during USSR’s era. In other words, Moldavian is an imperfect Romanian language russified in some way.

Moldovan English Translation Services

Nevertheless, Moldovan as a separate language doesn’t exist. Those who claim that they speak Moldavian, as opposed to Romanian, in fact speak a broken Romanian language mixed with Russian expressions. Some Moldavian communists tried to publish school manuals and dictionaries propagating Moldavian language as a separate language; however, many international experts find these moves lacking linguistic and cultural base.

Some Moldavian citizens have to speak correctly both languages Romanian and Russian instead of mixing these two languages and creating grammatical mistakes with a simple explanation of presence in Moldova’s constitution of the term “Moldavian language” instead of Romanian.

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