7 Ways Hiring a Language Translator Can Accelerate Your Business Growth

If a language translator isn’t one of the first people you’d think of hiring in your venture, then you’re making a very costly mistake! Think about it – the world is becoming more interconnected and multicultural, while business is ever more competitive. In this market, one of the fastest ways to accelerate your business growth is by improving your communications.

How do you stand apart from your competitors? You communicate better! How do you access a greater number of clients? You reach out to them! Preferably in their mother tongue, in which they speak and understand most readily! How do you interact with suppliers from different corners of the earth? Again, the answer is communication… and hiring a language translator will remove linguistic barriers and significantly improve your business relationships.

To help you understand the value of language translation services, we have compiled a list of 7 ways hiring a language translator will help you take your business to new levels!

  1. A Language Translator Will Open New Markets for You

Have you thought about expanding your business to another country? If so, a language translation service is guaranteed to help you remove barriers to communication within your target market. Customers feel the highest level of trust when dealing with a company that communicates in their own native language.

For this reason, if you don’t communicate in the local language, you are at a serious disadvantage and are unlikely to significantly penetrate your desired market. In addition, customers will find it harder to connect and associate with your brand.

Once you start employing a language translator you will be able to translate your marketing material, customer service and other documentation in the local language. You will get closer to your customers, increase your local sales, and deliver greater value!

  1. Improves Your Customer Service

Many businesses think that it is sufficient to provide their customer service just in English. However, as markets become more competitive, the smartest enterprises will seek to tailor their services to their client’s native tongue. This is a perfect way to gain a long-standing competitive advantage over businesses which are reluctant to take this step.

Once you customize your service to the native tongues of your users, you’ll decrease misunderstandings, improve customer interactions, increase customer satisfaction, and give a strong boost to the image of your brand. In addition, you will be able to sustain your customer retention rate at significantly higher levels. All the more reasons to stay ahead of your competitors by employing language translation services!

  1. Eases Communication with Foreign Business Partners

If your business has created important relationships in other countries, it is essential to use translated material in your communications. This will prevent misunderstandings, improve negotiation procedures, streamline plans of action, and strengthen trust between you and your partners.

In turn, your business can avoid incurring expensive costs that can arise from misunderstandings. Language translation services will save you both time and money. By helping you form stronger business relationships based on trust, you will be capable of expanding your operations at a much faster pace.

  1. Improves Communications with Suppliers

When your business requires complicated arrangements with suppliers from different countries, your best bet is to hire a language translator. Arranging for complex delivery schedules, different types of payment options, payment schedules, and the like, is best done by ensuring that terms are understood clearly by both parties.

By using a language translator your business will avoid the highly expensive costs that you would otherwise incur. Costs such as those occurring from delays in delivery, payment, or even delivery of the wrong items or number of items. Such misunderstandings occur very often when the terms aren’t sufficiently explicit to both parties, and communicating in your supplier’s non-native language isn’t likely to help!

  1. Helps Build a Web Presence in Your Target Market’s Native Language

If your business operates in more than one country, it is a best practice to have a multilingual web presence. All your online material should be easily available for users in their native language.

You may not know, but 75% of all internet users choose to purchase a product or service available in their own mother-tongue over one in a foreign language (http://www.commonsenseadvisory.com/Media.aspx). This means that unless you provide your products and services in local languages, you are most likely missing on tremendous business opportunities!

Hiring a language translator can be a great first step to convert your current web presence into a multi-lingual one! A translator can ensure that all your online content is available in multiple languages, is well-translated, and easily accessible to your intended users. This will widen your company’s reach and will help your websites bring your more customers.

  1. Enables You to Create a Global Brand

Up to 70% of large US brands do not attempt to cater in multiple languages to their markets (https://www.linkdex.com/en-us/inked/is-your-global-brand-marketing-in-your-customers-native-language/ ). If your company’s goal is to become a globally recognized brand, a quick advantage you can gain over your competitors is by using the local language of your market. Consumers are most likely to understand and retain a brand’s message when it is in their native tongue.

By using a language translator, your brand will be one step ahead of the competition. You will create more resonant marketing campaigns that can draw customers away from your competition. Clients will understand that your brand is willing to step down and communicate with them at the level they understand best. And that factor alone can do wonders for your business!

  1. Facilitates Employing Staff Across the Globe

New research shows that US and UK businesses lose $37 billion every year due to misunderstandings with employees. (http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/37-billion-us-and-uk-businesses-count-the-cost-of-employee-misunderstanding-870000.htm ) Since a significant share of those enterprises employ workers of different nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures, the possibilities of misunderstanding are multiplied by language barriers, resulting in the aforementioned high costs.

To cut your costs, you should translate important HR material and other communication documents in the predominant languages of your company. Doing so will ease communications, decrease employee turnover, and increase employee satisfaction & productivity. Employees will better understand their role in the organization. Therefore, they will know how they can contribute and be more productive

Hire a Language Translator Right Away!

Now that you know the benefits, stop hesitating! It’s time to get your business flying high with a language translation service! Don’t let linguistic barriers hold your business back, drive your costs up, and leave you vulnerable to competition! Allow your business to reach its full global potential by breaking through language barriers, entering new markets, and getting closer to your customers!