Language Interpreter – Interpretation Services

We are proud to announce that we offer language interpreting services in more than 250 languages. No project is too big or too small for us. Many of our linguists are certified by either ATA (American Translators Association) or California Judicial Council. Call or email us today for a no-obligation quote. Even though we are based in San Francisco, Bay Area, California, we can supply professional interpreters virtually in any part of the USA.

In fact, we match the prices of our competitors. So, if you receive a lower price quote from a different US translation company for similar quality services, before placing the order with us, please forward their quote so we can match our competitor’s price and also offer you an addition courtesy 5% discount on the top of that. Isn’t it great to know that you are receiving quality services at the lowest price on the market?

Speaking about technicality, an interpreter professionally renders the oral speech from one language into another. There are two main types of interpreting:

  1. Consecutive – where the interpreter conveys the oral translation after the speaker finished a sentence or two thus giving the interpreter time to understand the whole sentence and thereafter render an accurate interpreting once the speaker pauses; and
  2. Simultaneous – where the interpreter conveys the oral translation while the speaker is delivering the speech. This type of interpreting is of high intensity as the interpreter delivers the interpretation virtually without any breaks. This type of interpreting usually requires headsets for the interpreter so that the interpreter can clearly and without any disruption hear every single word pronounces by the speaker. Due to the high intensity of interpreting process, usually, simultaneous interpreters work in teams of 2 linguists. Thus, while one interpreter performs the interpretation the other interpreter is taking a break and vice versa.

Regardless of the type of interpreting, we are here for you. Please email or call us today, so we can exceed your expectation.