The brochure became a very efficient method of marketing for its originality and compactness. Many people think that a professionally-made brochure can dramatically influence client’s decision of interacting with a certain business entity. However, since we have around 6000 languages and dialects on the planet, it becomes very popular and efficient to translate advertising in languages other than English. This process is refers also to brochure translations. Moreover, the need of translating brochure text into multiple languages has become already a need in our society.
The main reason of requesting such services derives from the willingness to expand business, cover greater audience, and increase revenue. Brochure translation is a very complicated process which is not limited by the translation itself.

Usually if an advertising text is just translated into other languages, it doesn’t deliver the same message and doesn’t produce the same effect on clients. A translated text needs to be edited by a professional editor. Editing and proofreading services can be requested either from the translation company or any other specialized institution. However, in either way please bear in mind that editing services are always for additional charge, and often time cost more than the translation itself. Editing services is a very complicated process which is time consuming.

Besides having the brochure translated and edited, you will need the text to be formatted in the same so to look identical to original brochure. If you request formatting services from a translation agency, please be sure to submit the source files. If the source files can’t be provided, it is very difficult to create an identical layout for translation.

In sum, as you understood, the brochure translation is a multistage process with application of various professional techniques. Should you have any further questions about brochure translations, please don’t hesitate to let us know.