What Makes Good Book Translation Excellent

Many of us have tried to paint a window frame or bookshelf in our home, and been dissatisfied with the results that we achieved. Invariably, either the preparation was poor, or we lacked the talent. Automated translations may be improving. If you require a book translation that makes an impact, you still need:

  • A well-conceived, well written and error free original
  • An empathetic translator with good topic knowledge
  • An online translation agency that gets the job done

Why Online Language Translation

Professional translators process written words, unaffected by their own opinions and influences third parties may seek to bring. It’s best to leave them undisturbed in an online translation studio, where they can focus their attention on their book translation task. This ensures two things: a superb product produced in less time, and a lower fee.

There are several more advantages. The output translation is in digital format, ready to email to any third party tasked with auditing it for accuracy. There is also automatic backup because the medium is online. Finally, when the translator completes their task the job is already in the format that the publisher requires.

Responsibility of the Author

We mentioned painting woodwork in the opening paragraph. A coat of paint mirrors any imperfection on the surface. Book translations are the same. If you are an author, make sure you have finished writing before you hand your book to an online language translation company. If your plot is weak, your translated plot will be weak too.

Online translation is an iterative process. As the job proceeds, the translator sweeps back and forth throughout the entire book to ensure semantic consistency. This means you should remain hands off.   Avoid feeding through new versions. Your edits will be easier (and cheaper) to incorporate at the end.

Duties of the Translator

The task of an online translation specialist – or any translator for that matter – is to be faithful to the meaning behind the original words. They may not change the subtlest nuance – unless of course the second language is unable express it. An online language translation firm that ignores this principle lets the client down.

It follows that online translators are a special breed. Clearly, they need linguistic education and high intellect. They also require in-depth knowledge of the technical aspects of the work they are translating. They need not be subject specialists, but they must know enough to interrogate a dictionary.

First Choice for Book Translation

BookTranslationServices.com is the online translation company that writers trust to honor the original intention of their work. While their client’s grasp of the second language may be minimal or nonexistent, they know the BookTranslationServices.com is the one they can depend on for truthful online book translation.

If you visited this website in search of a service such as we provide, please stay awhile and examine our professional registrations and unsolicited customer testimonials. These will confirm your first impression. BookTranslationServices.com is the company to trust, when your book is ready for translation.


Authors usually request their books’ translation, because in this way a greater audience is covered. Some writers do it for philanthropic purposes and others expect profit from creating multilingual versions of their books. Nevertheless, the result is obvious – internationalization of manuscripts.

Publishing companies, on the other hand, do it only for profit. Either with author’s consent, or without (in case if the masterpiece joined the public domain), these companies have the sole financial purpose. Before a book translation is requested, an in-depth research is performed on countries and readers to be covered. Since we have more than one thousand languages and dialects on the planet, nobody will request a book translation into all languages.

However, some passionate readers may create fun clubs of specific books or authors. Moreover, this audience may tend to get the book translated into multiple languages, offering priority to their native language. For example, more often we encounter open projects at which everyone is welcome to contribute with improvement and even with translation. Thus many valuable manuals and tutorials were translated, free of charge, by their users from original language into the user’s native language.

Regardless of whom the translation is made by, the international version needs to meet the quality requirements. Somebody may think that it is not a “big deal “ to have a book translated, because it requires only time to complete the translation. However, in the first stage, even after the translation is completed, you will realize that it is far from being perfect. This is not caused due to translator’s nonprofessionalism; this factor means that the translation has to be followed by proofreading and editing services. Editorial stage, even if it sounds strange, but it requires more time than the translation itself. Editorial team has to be highly professional including, but not limited to writers, poets, novelist, technicians, and so on. Depending on the client’s goals, translation agencies may ask the client to find a specialized editorial company.

As you understood, a book’s translation doesn’t represent only the author’s face, but also incorporates the assiduous performance of translators and editors.


Language barrier between businesses across the world can be solved with the services of language translations. However, it’s important to choose a trustworthy and experienced translation company to offer accurate information to all foreign customers. Today, there are many companies out there who offer irrelevant translations. Dealing with such companies can negatively affect business communication. Fortunately, it is possible to find many certified and skilled translators and interpreters offering credible translation services. There are various reasons why publishing companies need to use professional language translation services if they want their business to grow.

People operating in the publishing industry always work with different authors from various parts of the world. Most of their potential customers speak different languages and would want their books to be published in different languages. For this reason, publishing companies are always advised to invest in reputable language translation services to avoid losing customers. When looking for language translation services, one needs to choose a company that can translate into different languages.

What makes a Good Translator Company?

For a company to offer professional language translation services, there are some conditions that translators need to meet:

  • The translation company needs to be reputable to follow a strict professional code of ethics. Most of the time, translators always come across sensitive information from publishers. A good professional translator should never use this information to negatively portray or expose their client. Professionalism demands one to be intelligent enough and understand that honesty and loyalty pays off.
  • The translator should master the source and target languages to be able to convey the message the publisher wants. An ideal professional translator should translate from his or her native language to the target language.
  • A good company should be familiar with the topic and field being translated and should have knowledge in computers and modern communication tools.
  • An ideal translation agency needs to have the relevant capacity and be willing to learn and embrace new technologies. This is a great way to keep up with new technology and improve skills.
  • A professional translator firm should make all the points clear from the beginning. Some of these things include cost of translation, translation format, delivery deadline, payment conditions and so on. They should also take the responsibility and honor the agreement they sign with publishers.
  • A translation company should never accept translation work beyond their capacity or capability. Accepting impossible tasks is one of the quickest ways to lose customers and build a bad reputation.

A translator company which adheres to the above tips will greatly increase the chances of succeeding in the translation industry. On the other hand, publishing companies should be in a position to have their projects handled with top-notch professionalism.


Language translation is the process of changing a document from a particular language which is known as the source language into the language of the target. This process can only be done by using a skilled language translator; this is a person who is professionally trained in the translation of one language to another.

The process of language translation for books is often valuable in book publishing, in global advertising, and the preparation of educational materials. 

Professional language translation is employed in numerous aspects of communication, whether it is language translation for books for publication or for communicating with clients overseas who do not speak English.

Mnemosyne Translation Services, LLC. is delighted to render translation service for authors who want their work to be translated into different languages.

We offer authors the opportunity of reaching a much larger audience beyond their local languages. Every translation is done by professional translators with many years of experience, people who are highly trained and with excellent writing skills.

We provide high quality, affordable, broad and professional language translation services for authors so their articles become appropriate for publication in different journals. We are aware of the need of professional language translation for books so as to enable the authors to publish their work in numerous journals.


Mnemosyne Translation Services, LLC. renders professional language translation services for authors; we will translate your text book, novel, product manual or employee handbook.


We provide translation service for textbooks; Mnemosyne will translate your textbooks carefully so students all over the world will be able to get the information not considering their native language.


The translator has to express the emotion, meaning and mimic the writing style of the author of the novel so the translated novel is as compelling in the language it was translated to just as the original.


If you are exporting a product into another country, you will need to translate the product manual to the native language of the buyers. Mnemosyne will carefully and accurately translate your product manual so it can be easily understood by everyone.


It is very important that every employee in a company completely understand the policies and the procedures of the company. We can provide translation service for employee handbooks.
Regardless of your needs, we can provide an impressive team which includes professional and experienced translators, editors, project coordinators and a dedicated product manager. We will manage your translation needs with full dedication and with the highest accuracy.

If you would like to receive a quote for your book translation, please submit your book’s content to us via e-mail at:[email protected]

Regardless of your translation needs, we will form an impressive project team which will included experienced translators, project coordinators, editors, and of course a dedicated project manager.

Many freelance translators don’t understand completely the level of complexity of book’s translations; however, our translation company will manage your translation needs with utmost accuracy and dedication.

Entrust your translation needs to our company today. You will be impressed by high rank of our team’s professionalism.

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