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Amharic Translation Services that Are Truly Affordable

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There are several reasons for our clients to seek our Amharic translator expertise, but it generally includes the translation of documents necessary to present to the Government. All such translations have to be certified, and for this reason it is best advised to make use of our online Amharic translation services. These documents may include academic reports and transcripts, birth certificates, financial records, medical records, marriage certificates and custom’s documentation to name but a few. Always advise us as to the reason why you have to submit a particular document and we will assist you in the most-effective manner.


A legal document cannot be translated by someone who is not proficient in the skill, as one mistake can cost someone dearly. Few people realize how the “legal speak” affects us on a daily basis: from simple fine print on a lease agreement to more complicated legal documents. It is of utmost importance that the legal terms be translated in its true form and in the correct translated format. At Mnemosyne, we possess over the professional Amharic translation the skill to translate even the most intricate legal detail into the language you desire. Our translations are accurate and detailed so as to never having it disputed by third parties.