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"Mnemosyne" online language translation services provide a reliable one-stop shop for translating over one hundred languages into English and vice versa. Our online translation technique speeds up the process dramatically, because there is no need to visit us personally, or spend money on time-consuming postage. You also get superb language translation at a fraction of what others charge. This is a winning combination you can afford.

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Our customers regularly award our online language translation service top marks for service. In fact

Certified Translations

Government agencies usually require a translation to be certified. In other words, the translation bears a certification of accuracy statement which assures the translation's accuracy, completeness

Patent Translation Services

As the world shrinks and multinational business and trading become not just commonplace but necessary, it’s not surprising that patents- the licenses or permits that governments grant rights with for

Website Translation

Any company can capture a greater audience if it does its business online in addition to traditional ways of handling business. A web site created professionally serves as a unique source of

Legal Translation

Legal translation represents a professional process of translating material with legal content. The term “legal translation” does not refer to legality of the translation; it only emphasizes that the